“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.”

~ Luke 2:10

  • The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.
  • 9-11-2001.
  • Gary Anderson, wide left.
  • The year 2020.

It’s very interesting as time passes how we are able to look back on certain days and circumstances in life and realize how everything changed in an instant. 

2020 will be one of those chapters in our life story that we’ll be telling our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

For me, while I’ve certainly shared in the pain with many others, maybe during this season of life more than any other, I have a greater appreciation and dependence on Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

In the midst of the trials of many kinds that we’ve experienced this year, God is at work through Christians and the ministry of CBMC at levels equal to any point in our 90-year history.

From Young Professionals just out of college to mid-season of life men in the marketplace, all the way to those seasoned mighty men of God in their golden years, our message is the same: Get Connected and Be Transformed through CBMC.

Now more than ever, the marketplace is the most fertile ground to develop businessmen to be ambassadors for Christ and spiritual reproducers.

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On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith

~ Acts 14:27

It brings me great joy for you to hear in their own words what CBMC staff members Don Hoffert, John Harrison, Seth Neistadt, and Paul Johnson are saying about how CBMC is “Building God’s kingdom one businessman at a time”.

Two questions I asked them to reflect on:

  1. As you look back on 2020, what would be an example of transformation you have seen that came as a result of God’s work through CBMC?
  2. Looking ahead to 2021 what message would you have for our CBMC members and key ministry financial supporters regarding plans for growth and expansion?

Don Hoffert and North Dakota TAF group

Don Hoffert, our CBMC Northland Trusted Advisor Forums (TAF) Director and leading the TAF initiative for CBMC USA is first up:

“The Lord surprised me while on one of the city startup trips. During my quiet time, I was reading Luke 10 and his recounting of how the Lord sent out 72 to be his representatives in the marketplace. It is not by coincidence that this was the exact number of North Dakota TAF leaders that resulted from our Fargo based connections; this allowed us to launch in Bismarck, Dickinson, Williston, Minot, and Grand Forks- 6 of North Dakota’s largest cities now with TAF teams meeting monthly. God was providing clues of bigger things He has in store for CBMC across the nation. In early 2020, 12 men felt called to become Certified CBMC TAF Facilitators and took over leadership. With God’s enablement, Bismarck is already adding a second TAF team.

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond- for a while, we’ve been planning on launching a Zoom video-based TAF Facilitator training option. We’ve felt this was an important next step giving us the ability to accelerate the growth of TAF teams around the USA with the Luke 10 rollout strategy to be in all 50 states. I am thrilled to share that the Zoom based training has launched with 5 sessions under our belt. We now have a total of 193 Certified TAF Facilitators, well on our way to our goal of 1,000 facilitators serving to achieve our vision of 25,000 TAF members by our CBMC 100-year anniversary in 2030.”

Learn more about Trusted Advisors Forums here https://vimeo.com/383076196

Next is John Harrison. John plays a dual role as the CBMC Northland Young Professional (YP) lead and nationally as the CBMC YP coordinator. What a blessing it’s been for me personally as I’ve watched God develop John to become a disciple-maker and key leader for CBMC over these past several years. John is a direct result of the investment you have made into CBMC Northland:

“Transformation, what a powerful word. It’s safe to say most of us know that transformation that takes place in the heart and manifests itself in outward behavioral change. We know that true transformation takes place in a safe relationship built on trust. That’s exactly what has taken place in 2020, both in person and virtually throughout the Northland area.

“Looking ahead to 2021, the message is simple. Our CBMC process of getting men connected to Operation Timothy discipleship and peer groups is working. It is creating spiritual reproducers of all ages in the marketplace. These men are telling their faith story to those in their sphere of influence (evangelism) and making disciples (discipleship). The great commission is becoming their focus and because of this, the trajectory and impact of their life is changing, in a positive, eternally focused way. Thanks to the commitment of our prayer and financial partners, we have been able to launch new YP teams and connect those YP’s to “Paul’s”. We have proof of concept thanks to the funding available. To continue this next growth phase, additional funds will be used not to create “new programs”, but rather replicate what we know works, and scale this here in Northland and around the country.”

Learn more about Young Professionals Teams here https://vimeo.com/479092216

Man standing in a doorway. Being changed by God's Kingdom

Paul Johnson has invested decades of his life into men as a CBMC staff member. Currently, Paul is the Western Region Director of Field Staff for CBMC USA. Paul is one of us Northlander’s, living in Roseville Minnesota: “

Adaptation has been a key word in how men around the Northland have engaged in effective marketplace ministry in 2020. Because of my role in CBMC, most of what I know is anecdotal. But what I hear is confirmation that God is continuing to move to impact a growing number of communities. As men stay faithful to our mission and vision it is easy to expect more depth and breadth in 2021.”

Frequently I have opportunities to visit with CBMC members, supporters, and future members. One thing I struggle with is articulating how incredibly important each of us is in God’s plans for CBMC to unfold.

Over the years, I’ve experienced personally and seen over and over- that CBMC transforms a man’s personal life, family, business, community, and those around us.

A highlight personally in 2020 has been watching God call one of our own CBMC Northland members, David Meyers, to take on the role as our new CBMC USA President. David attributes much of who he is today as a Christ-follower and disciple-maker to his involvement with CBMC. His story is just one of the countless others, including your own, of changed lives as a result of what God is doing through CBMC.

Through you telling your own #MyCBMCStory, you will be known by others as someone who found CBMC to make a difference, both here and now and for eternity.

Please go to this link and take a few minutes to share http://cbmc.click/mystory

We are building a “My CBMC Story” library that will inspire others to Get Connected & Be Transformed through being an active CBMC member focused on discipleship and lifestyle evangelism. As these are submitted, watch for some of them to be shared on our CBMC social media channels, on our website, and in our Connector newsletters.

Words could never convey my gratitude for the gifts of financial support, time, and energy you give to God’s work through CBMC.

As you consider your ministry support goals for the end of 2020 and into 2021, I pray that you will invest more than ever into “Building God’s kingdom one businessman at a time” through CBMC.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season with great anticipation for 2021 to be the best year ever.

For Him, Alan

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