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God is at Work!

He is at work through YOU as an Ambassador for Christ when you go into your workplace each day. He's also at work through CBMC Northland as a ministry- serving Him and each other.

CBMC Northland is helping hundreds of people integrate their Sunday morning faith into their Monday through Friday work lives.

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Leadership Development Opportunities

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.~ Hebrews 13:7

It all starts with Why?

Jesus is very clear that our primary focus in life should be to grow in our love for Him and to help others do the same. These are called the Great Commandment and the Great CommissionAdditionally, God directed us to building businesses and organizations of excellence also known as the “Cultural Mandate” as defined in Genesis 1:28, 1:31: “God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it…God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

To do those effectively we all need to continue to grow as Leaders. CBMC is focused on meeting men right where they are and helping develop them into the Leaders God designed them to be.

Training Opportunities

Leadership Institute Peer Advisory Facilitator Training Northland and National

  1. Trusted Advisory Facilitator Training Session (Click here for more information)
  2. Acceleration Team SAGE Leader Training Session (Click here for more information)

Training takes place each April and September
Contact Don Hoffert for more info on the next session

CBMC Northland Local

  1. Leadership Coach Training
  2. Connect3 Team Leader Training on Weekly CBMC Small Groups
  3. Building Spiritual Reproducers Workshops on Operation Timothy Discipleship 
  4. Journey of Generosity Workshops on Financial Giving


  1. Annual May Leadercast Northland One Day Conference

For more information on these opportunities email and look for registration links when they become available on the CBMC Northland website


Latest Blog from the Northland

How much can you accomplish? How is it possible? CBMC Northland News and Notes


Play along with me on this one: Right now, close your eyes and take 30 seconds for each of the areas below and imagine how much different your life could be? What does it look like in your minds eye? 

  • Family
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Personal 
  • Health
  • Relationship with Jesus

Time goes by so fast, but it was probably about 6-7 years ago I met this mid 20 some year old named Ben Peterson who at that time was just getting connected to a CBMC Trusted Advisors/Forums Team. 

Ben was an Iraqi war veteran and high energy young professional that I would compare to a wild horse with endless potential. 

Since that first meeting, we’ve stayed pretty close to each other. I’ve always had the belief that time put into Ben was an investment. Men in Ben’s CBMC Trusted Advisor and Young Professionals groups have felt the same way; discipling, mentoring, teaching, cheering on, and holding Ben accountablefor what he committed to. 

CBMC Northland’s purpose: To develop businessmen to be ambassadors for Christ and spiritual reproducers.  

During those times he couldn’t on his own, we’ve seen for Ben through the PTSD that his active military service brought on, we’ve seen beyond the insecurity of him just not feeling “right” where he was at in career even as a successful business man.  We’ve seen beyond the challenges with family, finances, and the fear of not yet realizing God's plan for the “right” lady friend in Ben’s life. 

Since CBMC Northland’s first group formed in 1939, there have been tens of thousands of men with similar stories to Ben. 

I just want to say- Thank you Jesus- for seeing beyond the here and now for all of our lives. Thank you Jesus for inspiring so many supporters that give their time, talent, prayers, and financial gifts to CBMC which you’ve used to do “immeasurably more” in the lives of every guy that has been developed through discipleship, small groups, and CBMC training and events. 

While the story isn’t finished yet- here is an update on how your investment as a supporter for CBMC is bearing fruit that will last for eternity with Ben:

A few days ago I and several other CBMC men attended the Engage Your Destiny gala. 

What began as a vision God laid on Ben’s heart about 3 years ago, has grown into a full blown ministry that has already reached thousands of active and veteran military members from around the country. As Ben shares the gospel of Jesus in large group settings, he collaborates with local church’s to get these new believers plugged into small group and discipling relationships. 

God has plans and is able to do immeasurably more than anything you or I or Ben can possibly ask or imagine. 

To see His power at work in your life, draw nearer to Him by  spending time reading/listening to the Bible, in prayer and surrounding yourself in small group with other followers of Jesus. 

Now, close your eyes again- and imagine- how different your life could be? 

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.~ Philippians 4:13

P.S. This is a great time to take a look back at 2018 and look ahead toward 2019. Click here for a quick/helpful exercise to go through on your own or even better with your small group. 

Alan Smith
CBMC Northland Area Staff


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Thank you for partnering with CBMC

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