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He is at work through YOU as an Ambassador for Christ when you go into your workplace each day. He's also at work through CBMC Northland as a ministry- serving Him and each other.

CBMC Northland is helping hundreds of people integrate their Sunday morning faith into their Monday through Friday work lives.

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Leadership Development Opportunities

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.~ Hebrews 13:7

It all starts with Why?

Jesus is very clear that our primary focus in life should be to grow in our love for Him and to help others do the same. These are called the Great Commandment and the Great CommissionAdditionally, God directed us to building businesses and organizations of excellence also known as the “Cultural Mandate” as defined in Genesis 1:28, 1:31: “God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it…God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

To do those effectively we all need to continue to grow as Leaders. CBMC is focused on meeting men right where they are and helping develop them into the Leaders God designed them to be.

Training Opportunities

Leadership Institute Peer Advisory Facilitator Training Northland and National

  1. Trusted Advisory Facilitator Training Session (Click here for more information)
  2. Acceleration Team SAGE Leader Training Session (Click here for more information)

Training takes place each April and September
Contact Don Hoffert for more info on the next session

CBMC Northland Local

  1. Leadership Coach Training
  2. Connect3 Team Leader Training on Weekly CBMC Small Groups
  3. Building Spiritual Reproducers Workshops on Operation Timothy Discipleship 
  4. Journey of Generosity Workshops on Financial Giving


  1. Annual May Leadercast Northland One Day Conference

For more information on these opportunities email and look for registration links when they become available on the CBMC Northland website


Latest Blog from the Northland

Sometimes it's ok taking things as they come like a leisurely drive on a winding road in the fall. Other times the key to success is having a roadmap.

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Recently as I was putting the finishing touches on our CBMC Northland Year End Update Letter, my computer and phone began dinging and beeping; during this back and forth texting conversation with CBMC Northland leaders Don Hoffert, Seth Neistadt, David Carlson, and Scott Ward, Don reminded us of the story from the book of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem. 
This morning I re-read that story and it’s interesting to see the many parallels with what is taking place right now with CBMC Northland and our Vision 220 Cities By 2022
Maybe it’s a story that will give you some direction going into 2019?
Nehemiah saw the city of Jerusalem where his ancestors had lived was ripe for some upgrades. God put a burden/vision/solution on his heart and Nehemiah was obedient in taking next steps following a roadmap to excellence which included:
1.         Before sharing what was on his heart with anyone else, he prayed extensively (Nehemiah 1:4 and 2:12)
2.         Eventually sharing the burden/vision/solution with his boss- the king, to gain his support for rebuilding the wall (Nehemiah 2:5)
3.         Nehemiah realized he couldn’t do this alone, it would require many volunteers from the community. He then began by sharing the vision with a small group of key leaders/champions (Nehemiah 2:12)
4.         The Lord inspired those key leaders to move quickly (Nehemiah 2:18)
5.         As could be expected, some doubt crept in. Not wavering, Nehemiah and his team knew they had an assignment from the Lord and were not going to let anything stop them from succeeding (Nehemiah 2:20)
Let me shift gears for a moment. 
Last spring, Matt Foster (CBMC Northland Area Leadership Team member), was given a vision of selling out the St. Cloud Convention Center for our 40th Annual CBMC Central Minnesota Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. 
As a result of much prayer, planning, and work by a team of committed volunteers- all very similar to steps 1 through 5 above- Matt has now reported that we expect a complete sellout crowd of over 1,000 people next Wednesday morning to hear a clear gospel message and invite to follow Jesus from our keynote speaker Duck Dynasty star Uncle Si Robertson. Additionally, there will be an evening event with 600 more attendees. 
One more gear shift. 
It was about this time 24 months ago that God first laid a burden/vision/solution on the hearts of our CBMC Northland Area Leadership Team:
The Why and WhatThere are 12 million people that live in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. Many of those people don’t have a personal walk with Jesus. CBMC peer groups, discipling relationships, targeted events and lifestyle evangelism draw people closer to Jesus. The vision is to launch new business leader peer advisory teams within a half hour drive of all major cities in the Northland.  
What a journey it’s been watching our team’s strategy develop over the past several months. 
Like Nehemiah and the wall- we started with prayer, gained support from our Area Leadership Team, watched The Lord draw in laborers (Scott, David, Seth among others), and now despite some speed bumps along the way, we are developing relationships with key people in these new communities which will ultimately lead to teams forming, discipleship taking place, and gospel centered events with decisions for Christ. 
The cycle will continue. 
As you begin to look ahead to 2019, what burden/vision/solution might The Lord put on your heart?
I’d encourage you to develop your own roadmap to excellence to see that vision come to fruition for His glory and your joy. 

Alan Smith
CBMC Northland Area Staff


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Thank you in advance! As many of you are praying about year end ministry support, please consider a special gift to CBMC Northland to help us continue to reach our vision. Here are the two best ways you can help:

  • Support for overall Northland budget. It’s really simple, go to the CBMC iDonate page and select the Alan Smith option 
  • The David’s Mighty Men group has generously committed to a $40,000 matching grant for Vision 220 giving between now and year end. We have $33,000 of giving needed to meet this match challenge. Your gift is matched dollar for dollar. You can also make an online gift using the link above or if you would like to discuss giving options, please contact me directly

NEW CBMC Business Peer Trusted Advisors Groups are launching around our area! Are you or do you know a Christ following business owner or leader? You will want to contact Don Hoffert and learn more. 230 Business Leaders are involved with CBMC Monthly Business Leader Peer Advisory Groups in this area. God is using Leadership Institute groups and their members to make the B in CBMC stronger than ever. See in this video what other local Northland business leaders say about how peer advisory groups have changed their life. 

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