Articles published in May 2019

Our reach beyond the Northland

The Lord is using Northland men to help train and develop CBMC’ers across the nation.

Already this year Don and I have had the privilege of leading national peer advisory group facilitator training; Don with new Trusted Advisor Forum facilitators and I with Young Professional group facilitators. We’ll both be helping lead our second training sessions of the year in September. 

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Northland Events

Fargo recently hosted their first Business Series Luncheon event with over 40 attendees. Brainerd is in year #3 now of hosting quarterly Business Series Luncheons. These events feature a CBMC member sharing a bit of his own story of an intimate walk with Jesus along with some practical business principles. These have become our primary way of expanding our reach in communities we are already active in.

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Young Professionals (YP’s)

Northland Area Leadership Team member, John Harrison is taking the lead on growing our YP initiative - not only in the Northland as our volunteer leader, but nationally as well as he is a member of the CBMC USA National Young Professional Advisory Board. Teams YP#1 and YP#2 are currently meeting each month in the Twin Cities and we prayerfully expect to see growth of 2-3 additional teams in 2019.


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Vision 220

North Dakota: For the first time in the 89-year history, we now have a CBMC group meeting in every major city in a state - North Dakota. Don Hoffert began his monthly excursions to Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, Williston, Dickinson, Bismarck, and Jamestown. We now have just over 100 business leaders in North Dakota alone that are at various stages of involvement with CBMC Northland. 

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